Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Captain Nemo

This is my captain Nemo outfit from Baycon 2010. Will try to get a full picture of the costume to post. We were cosplaying the league of extraordinary gentlemen (in opposite gender - yes we had a mina). My character was Nemo. 

Since I've been asked to elaborate on how I costume:
1. The red sash is a borrowed Cravat from a men's dickensian costume
2. The Jacket is from the little boy's section of target
3. Corset (you can't see it, but it's under the jacket) is a Dark Garden
4. The daggers you see are ornamental - I believe there are from G's childhood home
5. You can barely see it, but I'm wearing a black and gold salwh (Indian day to day work outfit) under the jacket and I am also wearing the plain black salwah pants. 
6. You can't see this at all, but I am wearing, black leather, flat boots with buttons town the side from Nordstom Rack (very good price, which was why I bought them)

German Ren Faire Costume

From Early 2010 - a few months before we got engaged. G. is in his usual Ren Faire garb - the same outfit when we met, believe it or not! I am in my own German hat, wearing a set of Germans made by and given to me by the lovely A.

My First Ren Faire

I think this was back in 2006 - you can see that I was still rather chubby at the time from how round my face was. This was a couple months after T. and I broke off our engagement. General peasant outfit - front lacing bodice, chemise, 2 skirts, and a hat. The hat is a bit of a stretch for a peasant, but what did I know, it was my first faire!

Military Cosplay!

Yes, here I am being a corset model for Dark Garden (look them up! They have amazing stuff!). I had chosen some cute olive and black striped bloomers and a black top with some black, brown, and green argyle socks to set off my awesome custom made steampunky green plaid corset. Isn't it awesome? I also managed to borrow a hat at Fair from one of the military actors. So much fun! Oh, and about that quirky smile I'm also wearing: When you are a corset model at Fair, you are in a window open on three sides, holding your pose - including facial expression - for 5-10 minutes each. So that smile is a lot easier to keep without moving than a big cheesy grin.
Photo Credit RJ

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Miss Kalendar Coplays at Baycon 2009

Included in this post are two of my outfits from baycon 2009, where the theme was Steampunk. In Knitted Items - the explorer costume (The Tally Ho) is the one for which I won the Hall Costume Award for - - - ready? Originality in Knitted Steampunk Accessories. The accessories are the steampunk wristwarmers and the matching knitted straps on my boots.

There is no hand knitting on this outfit - - - yet. The little spats are target - but I will make my own soon enough.

There will be sweater-heel pictures when I find some.

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